Soon, users would have access to all manner of high-quality synths running natively on their computers. Variations of the instrument abound, and users can get a taste with a freebie. The trick around it was to set the default system card as an onboard one to fool it and then the sw just for sonar. But I am ready to upgrade this week so I am going for a P4 rig with an Intel Chipset for the compatibility issue. Fort Worth, TX Status: Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Fog Max Output Level:

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I should port it for sonarbut didn’t. I have been trying to do the same and for the same reasons!

Windows 7 64 and Yamaha SWXG | Cakewalk Forums

I can play midi files no problem. Full compositions required studios sw1000cg MIDI synths and samplers, and professional quality audio recording was primarily relegated to, well, professionals.

With this option greyed out I cannot send a midi file to the soundcard to get an audio track. While the Soundblaster series evolved from the needs of gamers, the SWXG was designed from the ground up for musicians.

There was a suggestion of yamaa the “windows xp environment” that you can run from within windows 7 but I don’t think it runs at hardware driver level, only program level also it’s not avaliable for home premium users which I am.



I do recall an older version of the drivers giving a unwanted relationship between various mixer sliders e.

I run an sw under vista. Yes – I think I read the same thread. I was planning on using it for the midi and having it for my windows default audio sounds as it was in my last machine.

I guess you’d have to be sw1000xy windows 7 on an older board to jbow. It still sounds decent, despite its age and, unfortunately, bit code. Just wondering if anyone is running a Yamaha SWXG on any new ish systems running windows 7 64 bit? Move the latency slider yaamha that you get an effective latency of Also a shame there doesn’t seem to be any XG VSTi out there well, think there used to be a japanese one bundled with some soundcards or something?

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But I am ready to upgrade this week so I am yamahq for a P4 rig with an Intel Chipset for the compatibility issue. Fog Max Output Level: Johnny Max Output Level: It was a lot more robust than the SB Audigy in that I never had a crash but my SW’s volume control had a mind of it’s own. I got microslav recently, but haven’t had a chance to try it yet http: Also on Win 7 64bit. Make sure all are yxmaha. Forums Posts Latest Posts. Sw1000xh Themes Mobile Progressive. I will try what you suggested Fog.


While there had been interfaces aimed at pro recording, the Yamaha was clearly intended for the process of actually making music. I heard somewhere that the problem wasn’t with windows 7 but with the chipsets on the new boards. Yamaha swxg Does anyone know why the recording option is greyed out.

BUT you’d might as well hold back and wait to buy the bundle. I used to use it ss1000xg cubase, but if you look it as a text file, you see ALL of the sounds. I use them for padding out other sounds, using it and tweaking the sounds in real time is pretty cool. User Control Panel Log out. Just had a thought: View More Photo Galleries.