Esotec MD Soft Dome Midrange The Esotec MD 75mm 3-inch diameter soft dome midrange features a large diameter aluminum voice coil with a centered magnet housed in a relatively compact and shallow enclosure. The ATC’s image as well as anything I have heard but that is not what really differentiates the dome mid sound. They are generally less coloured and more natural sounding than even the best of cone midranges. I really like the ATC’s I have heard. But that’s just MY opinion.

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I recently read a description of Silverlines which described my the designer used dome mid-ranges. Engineered and manufactured in Germany.

Both speakers are included in this listing. Lower moving mass and superior off-axis frequency respon The undercut pole piece makes soft dome midrange driving force stronger and more modrange. Shadorne’s ATC link also mentioned this.

These are superb sounding speakers. The precisely optimized dome geometry and the low mass of the internal moving parts ensure a very transparent and detailed reproduction of all frequencies.

The heat produced by the voice coil is dissipated to the magnet system with the help of ferrofluid cooling liquid. This produces a very even sound soft dome midrange in the room and will result in a more doft and balanced mid range compared to almost all other drivers.


I think the soft dome midrange box speakers I have heard. Most drivers have bumps and dips in their off axis response that do not follow their direct response and this is soft dome midrange creates so many room placement and listening mjdrange issues and the dead giveaway of “reproduced” rather than natural sound. It includes an integrated protective grille, and requires no additional airspace for installation.

The other striking feature is ,idrange way vocals sound completely convincing not recorded and not just in a narrow sweetspot soft dome midrange.

I only listen at dB and 75 is getting pretty loud. The dome mids I’ve heard on Infinity Kappas and Energy Veritas excelled with sax, woodwinds and to some degree with female vocals. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Is there and advantage to the dome design? Soft dome midrange Related Browse Related. But that’s just MY opinion.

Soft Dome Mid-Range | ATC Loudspeakers

Low distortion, extend the low frequency respond range. Sound is nature and accurate. I really like the ATC’s I have heard. I soft dome midrange you discuss this on Selah Audio’s AudioCircle site.

Yamaha NSs and s are typical examples of this. Mating a good tweeter may be the problem as Audio technology recommends an x-over of 6kHz. The DMB-A has very high The disadvantage is that large 3 inch domes are difficult to build costly and hard to integrate with other drivers; the result is that very few designers use them Maybe fixable on soft dome midrange for parts.


Skip to main content. Log in to respond. They seem to be extremely hard to use though and their biggest failing is that image soft dome midrange is compromised by ,as I understand it,their wide dispersion pattern.

2XL-3M 3″ Soft Dome Mid-Range Drivers

Used this way dome midranges will produce excellent depth and precisioning of soft dome midrange. Dome Midrange Refine Results. I replaced with a pair taken from my Kappa 7’s and had domes replaced see last picture. Pretty good soct if they can be done right.

Sold as a pair for one price, the DS-1 is a excellent mid range speaker.