We are who we are and no more than another. I need your I just broke my drivers cd for me m audio 44 need help were to download the drivers pls help. Dave I’m running Sonar 8. I don’t understand what the problem is? I was wondering if you could help with a similar issue. Wow thanks man u made my day I will love to hear from u pls email me.

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Everything else is just rote.

I need your I just broke my drivers cd for me m audio 44 need help aio to download the drivers pls help. However this unit doesn’t tend to run for hours but I have sometimes run the station on it for 8 hrs while I do repairs on the main server and not seen that issue.

What is the Shure mic connected to?

It works with WDM but it’s flaky. Go to the VST Connections menu. Home Help Search Login Register. I guess I spoke too soon about Win 10 working. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Status: Is the driver bad? azio


If you find the magic solution, please let us know! The item that doesn’t play does get logged as if it started. SP2 uses version 5. I use the Delta LT in Aaio 7 64 bit and haven’t experienced that issue. I m on driver 5. Afterwards is when the problem with my sound cards started. We also do TV commercials, Radio spots and spoken word books 8. Are there any other suggestions that are worth mentioning to get this to work?

Out of nowhere I can rememberInput 1 and 2 are dead … 3 and 4 are OK.

Delta Audiophile 2496 ASIO drivers?

The only way to eliminate the noise is to separate the delta 44 cable from the breakout box. Green Signal led and the red Clip led are blinking normally when using a normal signal from a Shure SM57 …. We also do TV commercials, Radio spots and spoken word books 6. The same tracks in Sonar 7 are fine WDM.


Delta Audiophile ASIO drivers? | Cakewalk Forums

Chris- glad to hear your research paid off! Intel i7 3. I’m using the latest drivers from M-Audio, and also tried downgrading to an earlier version, but still flaky. What are your settings? Forums Posts Latest Posts. Please login or register. Conny- That sounds like an electrical grounding issue to me. Did you miss your activation email?

What was the outcome of this issue in the end? Other times is says everythin up to is available. Dave David Ewer 3.

I hope these instructions can help someone else going through the same problem. It just all seems flakey.