Which component is responsible for this behaviour? However, after that I could not reboot Linux as well. Luckily the warranty covered this. I guess, this made my computer more hot, because of passive video cooling, which radiator is just in the front of processor fan. Which is very good as 3. I have some problems with measuring accurate temperature by monitoring programs, but I can say that I did not have temperatures, higher than:

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I have put a top-notch fan and heatsink on one of these machines and although the fan can keep the temps down sifmens chip is being thrashed constantly. Which is very good as 3.

So I finally go round to taking the cover off and clearing out any dust with a can of air. And apparently, no overheating.

Scaleo Overheating+slow – Your Q’s answered – hopefully! 🙂 – Fujitsu Support Forum

I did it with mine and mine idles at isemens degrees now note – with a new cooler. I guess Fujitsu siemens scaleo x 43C is the mainboard. Booting from the recue CD, I found errors on the hard drive, which were unrecoverable. Some of them have even been serviced by Fuji under 12 month warranty but they dont seem to have been sorted properley.


Now I hear the fan change speed as the temp changes. Or just swap it as they only cost a fiver. To begin, as most of you know, the Heatsink and fan combo fuji fitted as standard is very big and quiet.

It only took five minutes but quite a bit seemed to emerge from the processor heat sink. Even a new CPU doesnt keep the temps down. A couple of months later the motherboard packed up.

So, my question is: This means that as the dust builds up your machine gets closer and closer to the edge of destruction. I ran fujitsu siemens scaleo x 4. One point about generic motherboards, I think you would need to reactivate xp with fujitsu siemens scaleo x.

I’ve had it almost 18 months, and the comments here suggested to me that it might be worth a bit of a spring clean. I have had shut downs this summer. I leave it on as it does mean it scalei quieter when idling, or not doing fujitsu siemens scaleo x eg recording a TV show. Luckily the warranty covered this.

The CPU seemed to be idling at about C fan about 2, rpm. Bit scary, but pretty easy really. I reinstalled windows once more and run into the same problem. The hard drive controller on the mother board? Thanks for the tip, anyway!


But hopefully I can provide some help to all of you having heat-related problems with your PC, as I’ve dealt with fujitsu siemens scaleo x recently. Skip to content Search Advanced search. For those gamers who bought this rig – its an absolute must to improve the air flow.

But which of the others is the CPU I can only guess. Still fujitsu siemens scaleo x work out how to enable the temperature warnings in the BIOS though – any hints? I spoke to a man at FS even though it was under warranty, he said dust build up was not covered. This flaw means your heatsink is working like a bag on a vacuum cleaner and getting dirtier and dirtier. Won’t mention any names.

I then moved to the Linux installation, which appeared to be more robust. The setting is in PC health in the bios, and it was already set to 90C.