The browser cannot access the dreambox. Your email address will not be published. Note that you still need to modify your DMHD according to the above instructions to remove the resistors on the main board to enable USB. Do I need extra drivers like lsusb to mount the USB devices? I was flashing new image and it flashed bad. How do I solve this problem.

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DM HD information |

It is available ready built or as a DIY kit dm500hd mini usb you solder together yourself. I am trying to flash my clone hd First of all it shows as HD on my windows machine. November 19, at I need some help with my dm HD too, it made an update and now it dm500hd mini usb start.

All help would be nice Rgeards Appen I’ll hope this works on my friends “compatible” Dreambox HD – thanks in advanced It didn’t work: Regards Appen well dm500hd mini usb the same problem here, upload complet, waiting for acknowledge I think the problem is in the USB board.

I am new and i tray to fix my dmhd i hope you you dm500hd mini usb with the usb drivers. Attach the USB cable to the rear with the two screws included with the cable. I have original, non clone uzb. Reffer to this thread every thing updated http: How do I solve this problem.


Here is a photo of the board with mounting instructions dm500hd mini usb you want to order the do it yourself soldering kit. A proof how small things can be great. Make sure the removed resistors are uzb out of the box and not floating around inside it. This entry was posted in Uncategorized.

Please to answer me as soon as possible in order to dm500hd mini usb this problem. There is no permanent mounting necessary on the mainboard only removing the resistors mentioned above, if present.

DM500 HD information

It is important to turn it the correct way, as shown in dm500hd mini usb photo and indicated by the colour references on the board. Do It Yourself soldering: June 22, at Note that modifying the Dreambox HD in this dm500hd mini usb xm500hd voids your warranty and that I am not taking responsibility for any damage that could be caused because of this modification.

Remove the screw marked with red in the picture dm500hd mini usb the corresponding screw at the opposite side. Remove the two screws on the rear, marked with red. Very easy and looks very professional.


Port USB sur DM HD

Description Sm500hd Images 4 Reviews November 12, at Hello — is it possible to connect any external USB drive? If you plan to add an external USB port you should dm500hd mini usb the metallic parts that covers the three openings marked with blue in the picture above.

I am completely new to dm500hd mini usb I have a hd still in the box can someone point me in deprecation of a newbie setup?

Yes, it is still available and shipping to Portugal is no problem. HTML is not translated!

Adding USB ports to Dreambox DM500HD

To fit the lid with the fan properly, you need to cut away part of the rubber around the USB cable as marked with dm500hd mini usb in the picture to the right. Excellent piece of hardware. May 10, at Windows doesn’t find a driver when I dm500hd mini usb to connect by usb. I would have ordered your USB board if he would be a solution to my problem.