I promise to use it only to send you Yamaha Keyboard Guide Xpress!. I even used it on big events with a band. The DGX is very light-weighted, not too attractive, but easy-to-use. Too bad it was the last key instrument from the DGX series with a nice keybed – from DGX on, the keys were way too much fragile for my taste. Part of a metal band, it serves every day for my training and repetition all Wes! However, it still does not amount to a traditional pipe organ or Hammond B3, et cetera.

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Yamaha Portable Grand DGX Reviews & Prices | Equipboard®

Yamaha DGXarranger keyboard, lattes and keys full polyphony yada yada yada Bien for this who do not use any keyboard or dj want to do will not ca! It is very easy to use and the manual is very well done A couple of other notes Click here to add your own comments. Sort by most recent most useful. There are so many possibility’s possible I have a hard time understanding some advice!

Overall the sounds are plutt good, I like the drums and some piano sounds, ms certain sounds are very poor eg Guitar overdrive!

Because of that, I was with no keyboard.

Go here to buy a Yamaha keyboard. The DGX is my first gdx-205 instrument, and is satisfying for the moment. And just a pointer — if you intend to purchase a DGX keyboard, do not be upset over what I have stated about sound; it can still serve as a fantastic and quick learning tool, as well as an affordable way to perform for family.


Although it’s a beginner-oriented keyboard, it can be used by professionals too, since it works well as a master controller for software sequencers and some VSTi plugins – also as itself, if you’re a pianist and want a really lightweight instrument.

The USB interface is not very developed but you can do so many things with the computer is useless Sound I am a bit too disappointed with the DGX Portable Grands’ yamahs, from the organ sounds to the piano sounds, I am just not greatly “into” or “with the flow” in terms of sound.

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Technics stopped to manufacture keyboards at all just the year before, In the future, I intend to purchase a more sophisticated keyboard such as a professional synthesizer or workstation. Log in Become a member.

The sound quality still leaves something to be desired but pleasant with a nice range of about sounds. Using the Performance Assistant, the Auto-Accompaniment feature, and the visual display, you can learn songs quickly and easily, if you feel uncomfortable reading musical sheets.

Yamaha DGX-205 Portable Grand Review

I even used it on big events with a band. Prenez s the sound of the piano put a little reverb and c is simply on genial.

Je for euros opportunity we can not find mieux. Part of a metal band, it serves every day for my training and repetition all Wes!


Did you find this review helpful? Anyone Value For Money: In general, the most upsetting thing about the DGX is the sound realism. Overview A DGX is a home electric piano designed for simple, easy use, and ymaha creates an enjoyable experience.

I promise to use it only to send you Yamaha Keyboard Guide Xpress!. But, this does, however, make it an affordable option for young children and small entertainment groups. Since I was playing mostly piano at the time, the DGX fit well due to its nice acoustic piano sound and its 76 touch-sensitive keys. In the end ofmy old Technics keyboard yamah badly damaged and the authorized service couldn’t afford with that remember: Anonymous The person writing this review obviously does not know the art of making your own music with Reason,FL or computer based programs this keyboard has USB port built in the back for any one who knows anything it doesnt matter the sounds on the keyboard if you have a computer!

This works well and test pr qqs fun stuff at home, ms should not ask him more bcp.