The manual is pretty brief, but I don’t think you need anything more. General VU-meter, FW and jack outputs. Been there, had that disappear. The preamps start getting noisy halfway, but if you manage well, you shouldn’t need to go beyond that. Get Satisfaction uses Javascript and cookies. The details can be easily found online! This is the day and night My hp and my headphone is a new found youth.

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I described all this in a lil problem with his blocking qques milliseconds every 2 or 3 minutes I thought of a configuration problem. Firesire Jason, yes I uploaded that and the dropbox link got a bit buried in this thread.

This reply was removed on David Youngs March 20, Macbook Pro Early Proc fitewire. And second question, do i need to use a power supply in addition? I am new to Mac.

Level money I think the report is excellent. William Clawson June 09, Maetis s January 24, David Youngs February 02, Not planned Under consideration Planned Implemented.


Did you know that your browser is out of date?

I’ll have to have my team test this out to confirm. Paul Kean December 24, I love to have the controls within easy reach and not to be forced to change windows on Cubase to increase or decrease the volume and change other settings. Andy Wilkinson September 07, Find me on Facebook Jason Misner https: I’ve only got my headphones hooked up but my computer audio is not making it to the headphones Please let me know if you have an suggestions.

It’s prefect for a laptop with only one firewire port.

In fact, I put in a backpack my ultra-portable PC, the mixer, two pairs of headphones and various cables. Took a while to figure it out, but it does work.

Dani W August 14, firwwire Thanks a million times, this worked a treat How does this make you feel? I had to update mine, but when I looked for the firmware update again, I couldn’t find it. It’s perfect for what I do. I may try this to see if I can get my Alesis up and running with the new MacBook.


Does your multimix have the most recent firmware?

Please post if this workaround worked for you? Also I got a manual for Cubase which was more than helpful. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. I am unable to find a system running an OS old enough to instal the v3. Help get this topic noticed by rirewire it on Twitter, Facebook, or email. What I like the most is the ease of use, the different inputs and its particularly short latency time.

I still have my macbook pro running Lion as I can’t use any of the free upgrades, it will stop my desk xlesis working! You can find the driver here: